STM 2022 Football

St. Mark's School of Texas

2022 Football Portraits

 Please enjoy the images captured within the galleries found below. Share the memories with your family as all images are available for purchase in the following sizes:



Package A:  $125.00

(1)8x10 MMate, Indiv: (1)8x10 (2)5x7's Ind, (4)4x5's, (8)Wallets

plus low res jpg of individual for web/social media sharing

Package B:   $90.00

(1)8x10 Squad, Indiv: (1)8x10, (2)5x7's, (4)4x5's, (8)Wallets

Package C:   $60.00

Indiv: (1)8x10 (2)5x7's, (8)Wallets 

Package D:   $45.00

Indiv:  (4)4x5's, (8)Wallets


A La Carte Items:

      Size      -       Sports Pricing

Major Retouching*    $10.00 each

   (1) 8x10    -         $30.00 each

  (2) 5x7     -         $30.00 each

  (4) 4x5     -          $30.00 each

(8) Wallets  -          $30.00 each

(1) 8x10 Squad Print   -   $30.00 each

(1) 8x10 Memory Mate   -   $30.00 each

(2) 3.5 inch buttons - $20.00 per set

(1) 3.5 inch buttons - $15 each

* Major Retouching will help reduce major skin blemishes, frizzy and/or stray hairs, glare on glasses, shiny skin, and teeth whitening

Additional sizes and products are available upon request

8.25% Texas sales tax and shipping not included.  All web-res jpgs will have a permanent logo in a bottom corner; Large logo currently shown across middle is removed

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